Card View Source View Guidelines

The Card component contains subcomponents (Media, Body & Actions) to provide the styles and functionality of the native components.


import { Card, Button } from 'react-native-material-design';

render() {
    return (
                        image={<Image source={require('./../img/welcome.jpg')} />}
                        <Text>Some text to go in the body.</Text>
                    <Card.Actions position="right">
                        <Button value="ACTION" />


Prop Type Description Required Default
elevation number The elevation the entire card is given (if not compatible, a border is supplied) false 2
children node The React components rendered inside of the card. true



Prop Type Description Required Default
image Image An native Image component true
height number The height a which the component is rendered. false 150
overlay bool If true, any children are rendered with a black opaque background. false false
children node React components which are rendered at the bottom of the media image false