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A Subheader is a text based component with set styling, commonly used to identify specific sections within your app.


import { Subheader } from 'react-native-material-design';

render() {
    return (
            <Subheader text="Normal Subheader"/>
            <Subheader text="Normal Subheader with color" color="paperRed" />
            <Subheader text="Normal Subheader" inset />
            <Subheader text="Normal Subheader with color" color="paperOrange" inset />


Prop Type Description Required Default
text string The Subheader text true
color string The color of the text false rgba(0,0,0,.54)
inset bool Whether the Subheader is set in a fixed distance from the left (72dp) false false
theme THEME_NAME false light