If you wish to contribute, follow the guidelines for the section you're looking to help with:

Core Library

The core library can be found at the react-native-material-design. Any ull requests, issues, ideas and suggestion are welcome.


A sample application implementation can be found at [demo-app]. Any contributions on improving the demo app or adding examples from the original library would be of great help.


The website is built on top of Jekyll and is stanalone. We decided not to go with an intelligent build system which pulls the code from the core repository and builds up the documentation due to the complexity - it requires another complicated build process to do this which we don't have the time for nor want to maintain.

Submit pull requests to the repository if you wish to contribute to the website or documentation.


The design of this site isn't amazing, and we'd prefer to spend time updating the core library. If you have a better design you think could work, go wild. Please try and keep it related to Material Design and easy to read.